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Create and publish your online Brand Book in minutes. 

If a traditional digital management system feels like overkill, you've come to the right place. 

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standardiZe your brand, EVERYWHERE.

File management systems like Dropbox, Google Drive and even local hard drives could be costing your business hundreds of lost hours a year searching for brand assets. At Brand Book the process is seamless, 3 steps and your done. 

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Brand Book does one thing and does it well. It creates a consistent and unified brand for you to present to the world.

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Choose a template

Select a template that best represents your brand, then make it your own. Upload your logo, fonts, colors, imagery and more.

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Publish and go live!

Once you’re happy, hit publish and share it with the world. Link it up to your website or add it as a signature. Be bold!

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let your brand shine.

Templates are at the heart of Brand Books' simplicity. Designed by veteran web ninjas, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your brand... and if not, you can make it yours in minutes!

Once you’ve created your Brand Book you’ll be ready to go live to the world. No more frantic seraching for that updated logo, or that folder of fonts... everything will be in one place, your Branding Book. Any changes you make will be reflected immediately. No versioning, no email chains, just publish!

Multiple brands? No problem.

Brand Book works seamlessly with multiple brands. In fact, the sky’s the limit. Just choose a plan that suits your needs and go for it. You can also upgrade your plan as your business grows. 

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“We now have one true source for our branding. If someone requests our logo, colours etc., we just send them to our brand book. It’s so much easier!”

Michael Koper

Founder, Nusii

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your Brand book and assets together.

Forget about the email back and forth requesting the latest version of your logo or having to search for the entire font-family in Dropbox. Brand Book allows you and your clients to have immediate access to your branding assets, putting less strain on your team and giving you more time back.

What’s more, as soon as you make an update to your brand book, it auto-syncs immediately. No more static systems. One fluid brand.


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